Terms and conditions of sale

The transport pass gives you access to land buses and trams, and water-buses for the validity period chosen when buying VeniceBox. You can use it at specific validation points when boarding public means of transport at no extra cost.

Any limitations involving the means of transport are explained during the buying process. In fact, each pass may contain various solutions. Please remember that the transport pass that comes in the basic packages does not include any discounts and cannot be used for transport to and from Marco Polo International airport, nor can it be for the Lido Island bus lines. It is valid, however, for the entire Mestre and Venice metropolitan areas.

The transport pass validity period, although expressed in hours, actually corresponds to calendar days. These are counted starting from the first day the pass is used, even if it is first used late in the day. They are calculated cumulatively, even if you don’t use the pass in the days following the first one. For example, the passes valid for 24, 48 and 72 hours are valid for one, two and three days respectively; and the first day is calculated from the moment it is first used, even if late in the day.

The transport pass may be used at any time of the day, provided it is within its validity period and according to public means of transport schedules.

The museum pass that comes with the VeniceBox package lets you visit attractions indicated on the pass by showing the pass at the entrance, to be admitted at no extra cost, provided the pass is within its validity period, filled out in all its parts, signed and kept in good condition and recognizable. You choose the attractions and museums contained in the pass when you buy it. So free admittance is granted only on those specific attractions and museums. All of the affiliated museums are bound, by agreement, to admit free anyone showing a pass which includes said museums, within their opening and closing hours.

The affiliate pass also means you can benefit from savings at any of the affiliated stores when you show a valid pass.

BBC SOlution does its best to facilitate admittance to the attractions, and obtain discounts and coupons negotiated with the respective entities (business owners, museums, shows, and so on), but it shall not be liable nor indictable in any way for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience that may arise from non-compliance with the agreed terms by said entities, whether voluntary or accidental, which may result in limiting any admittance or any discount required.

All complaints and claims must be addressed directly to any non-compliant entity or attraction.

BBC SOlution selects its affiliates very carefully and goes to great lengths to ensure that the affiliates provide the required service level to VeniceBox and its customers. However, BBC Solution shall in no way be liable for any wanting or sub-standard services or products which are provided by said entities.

All of the opinions appearing on this Website are the actual comments provided by the authors themselves and cannot be traced back to BBC Solution opinions.

Although BBC Solution exercises the utmost care to ensure that any information contained in this Website is up to date, accurate and precise, it shall in no way be liable for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience stemming from the total, or even partial, use of said information. Users utilize said information at their own risk.

The VeniceBox passes are personal and can only be used by the person whose name is written on the back of the pass and for the number of consecutive days specified on the pass. VeniceBox is non-refundable, save for any specifically subscribed insurance policies (which are not included in the basic package). Replacements or reimbursements are not possible, even if one or more of the passes are lost or stolen.

BBC Solution snc is in no way liable in case the passes contained in the VeniceBox are not accepted, for any reason whatsoever; especially if the passes are rendered unrecognizable due to over use or tampering.

The passes cannot be used multiple times at the same attraction.

The VeniceBox passes are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

Persons in possession of VeniceBox realize and accept to visit any attraction and use any affiliate benefit at their own risk entirely.

BBC Solution snc shall in no way be liable for the conditions of the attractions or events or businesses run by third parties; neither will it be liable for any omission or disservice experienced by our customers at any attraction, event or service.

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