Venice's museums.

This section lists all of the museums that you'll find in Venice and whether these are affiliated with VeniceBox and which benefits you are entitled to.

This way you can find out about opening and closing times, the locations, and whether they are affiliated with VeniceBox.

Please remember that if a museum is included in the package you have bought, by showing the voucher you will find in the package, you will be able to skip any queues to collect your admittance ticket at the ticket office.

Name Typology Classification Discount Skip the queue
Museo CorrerVisitMuseum00100100%
Palazzo DucaleVisitMuseum00100100%
Sale Monumentali della Biblioteca Nazionale MarcianaVisitMuseum00100100%
Palazzo GrassiVisitMuseum000000%
Museo Ebraico e GhettoVisitMuseum000000%
Museo storico navaleVisitMuseum000000%
Museo della Fondazione QueriniVisitMuseum000000%
Ca' RezzonicoVisitMuseum000000%
Chiesa di Santa Maria del GiglioMove aboutMuseum00100100%