Be a VeniceBox retailer

Our target customers

VeniceBox is a complete product and it is simple to propose because it contains everything that tourists in Venice may need.

VeniceBox is designed for well-traveled tourists, that is, those wishing to enjoy each moment to the fullest, without having to worry about standing in queues or finding tickets, as well as for less traveled tourists that need guidance on how to get around and which sights to visit.

This makes it an ideal solution for anyone selling tourist services – it complements and adds value the range of products on offer.

Hotels, guesthouses or other hospitality facilities in Venice and the mainland
VeniceBox is the solution to your customers’ needs. Typically, tourists use their hotels as the starting point for all of their excursions and as a source of information about services, tickets, museums, transport, and so on. Thus, VeniceBox makes it so you can meet these needs even before tourists get to town so you can provide a richer, more complete offer to your customers.
Ticket offices, tobacconists, municipal transport points-of-sale
Especially for tourists staying on the mainland and that have to buy tickets to get to Venice. VeniceBox lets you provide a much broader offer yielding much greater margins.
Tourist operators
This type of product is perfect for completing your offer of services. Whether you are selling a trip, a tourist package, or a cruise – being that its price is marginally much lower than your offer, you'll be able to integrate it and provide a truly useful service while boosting your customer retention. The online version is easy to buy and include in your own products, and the actual box version, with its refined package, are both about image and substance, as tourists needn't worry about the multitude of usual issues.
Travel agencies or online hotel bookings
The product complements your own proposals and products, to better manage both travel and stay over alike, by matching it to other events to give your customers a true one-stop-shop package.
Providers of direct means of transport to Venice, like airplanes, trains, buses, cruise ships
You can now provide a more complete package with an affordable yet useful solution for tourists who will feel supported even when they are staying in Venice.

Many benefits

There are truly many good reasons to be a VeniceBox retailer:

  • complement your offer with a simple, user-friendly product that brings greater sales margins
  • you can activate it for free
  • You 'll be able to join the network of affiliated collection points and thus enhance the value of your own business and the probability of attracting customers

How it works

Once you've completed your registration you may access your personal area through any PC, tablet or other online device

VeniceBox retailer program is available in 2 different models, depending on your business activity.

  • Venice Hotel Reseller

    If you own an Hotel in Venice

    • Once you've completed the subscription, you'' receive a complet kit with all you need for product promotion (stickers, brochures, ...)
    • You'll get the first VeniceBox packages without having to pay in advance for the promotional materials which will be included and free
    • All of this is free: shipping to your hotel included!
    • Log on to
    • Access the reserved area using your user ID and password
    • Check to see how many VeniceBox package you have left to manage/sell
    • Order a new batch of VeniceBox packages with a simple click: they will be shipped free-of-charge to your facilities.

  • Worldwide Resellers

    For all the other accommodation facilities (apartments, B & Bs, guest houses, ...) and for tour operators.

    • You will be sent a complete kit with all the electronic promotion (code for dealer discounts, brochures, email templates, widgets you can add to your site, ...)
    • Add this widget to your site or use a special link with your code when communicating to your customers (i.e., emails), with no impact on organizational or cost to you
    • All with a discount available "thanks to your company"
    • Log on to and access the reserved area using your user ID and password
    • Check the sales statistics with your dealer code ... in short, you have to login just to see how much you're earning!

I'm interested! What do I need to do?

Joining is simple: enter your information in the application form (Hotel Reseller, on-line worldwide Reseller). In the first scenario, one of our consultants will contact you to complete the procedure, otherwise your account will be active immediately in order to start earning money!!.

In the meantime we will send you a password to access your private area and start familiarizing yourself with the system.


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