Answers to the most frequent questions

Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions and the useful answers to help you find the information you are looking for. If you don't find the answer you want, just get in touch with us.


The transport pass is always included in VeniceBox. Even the basic packages let you access all of the public means of transport that Venice has to offer. That means water-buses or land-buses and trams across the entire Mestre and Venice city grids, for the validity period of the VeniceBox package you buy. The pass is activated once you start using it and the days are counted consecutively.
The public transport pass included in the basic package does not provide any discounts or transport to and from Marco Polo airport. But you can buy VeniceBox online and customize its contents to suit your needs.
You may use the transport pass at any time of the day, with no limits, for the validity period of your VeniceBox package. The pass validity period is shown on the package and the activation starts once you use it the first time. From that moment on you may use the pass without any restrictions. Just remember that the first registered day is the day you first use the pass, even if you only use the pass partially.
For example, if you use it at 5 pm on a Thursday, let's say, then Thursday will be registered as the first day of use. The pass activates the minute you start using it and the days are registered consecutively. In any case, it will be valid up to 5pm of following day (in the example of a 24 hours card).
The entire Venetian municipal grid including Mestre and Marghera. So not only water buses but also city buses and trams. Only transport to and from the Marco Polo airport is not covered. Venetian islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello) are covered by the transport card.
No. The transportation card can be used at any time, without limitation, up to the end of its validity.
For example, if you have a card for 48 hours, and start to use it at 12:00 on Monday, it will be valid until 12:00 on Wednesday. Within this range there are no time limits and number of times you can to use it.
There are no extra or hidden costs in the transport pass which is always included in VeniceBox for the full validity of the package.
No. All that's needed is the name appearing on your pass which will be transcribed to a register upon any purchase.
Yes, The entire Venetian municipal grid including Mestre and Marghera. So not only water buses but also city buses and trams. Only transport to and from the Marco Polo airport is not covered. Venetian islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello) are covered by the transport card.


Yes. Buying VeniceBox online is completely secure. Your credit card or debit card information is protected at all times and so there is no need to worry when buying VeniceBox over the internet. Your personal credit card details are not stored on the VeniceBox website. At BBC Solution we use the most secure and reliable technology available on the market. This is the result of an agreement with international banking circuits, which use secure transaction methods like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts all information at every stage. In fact, the encryption disguises the transiting information by creating millions of different codes and combinations. This makes your personal details undecipherable. The secure mode is activated when you are asked for your personal payment details to be transmitted to the banks. The browser will shift into said secure mode – a padlock icon on the screen will indicate this. During the online transaction you will be asked for a billing address (which may be different from your home address); this also adds an extra level of data security. All payments are processed by the Bank of Triveneto banking circuit, which sees to the encryption and to applying all required security protocols for online transactions. Once payment is done, your credit card details are in no way stored on the BBC Solution Website, nor are they stored in the banking circuit. That's why any other transaction requires you to provide your information all over again. We suggest you always log out of your browser once you've completed any online purchase, especially when sharing a PC. This will erase the temporary cookies of all of the websites visited on that PC.
It depends on the package you choose, the contents and validity period. There are seven different packages available and you can configure your own VeniceBox is you buy it online. For more detailed and up-to-date information on prices see the prices section of this website.

The longer your stay the greater the cost of the package, but then again, the more savings you get. Check the savings section to find the solution that most suits you.
When you order VeniceBox on our website, just choose which delivery option you prefer for receiving your package. We believe, the best solution is to have it conveniently delivered to your home. That way, you can start using the various passes right away – even before you get to Venice. Otherwise, you could collect your package when you get to Venice. Upon booking, just take note of the designated package-claim locations on the website. The guided booking process also provides the delivery times and fees for convenient package delivery right to your home.
The answer is, yes – any affiliated location. This website provides and updated list of such locations. You can also ask your hotel receptionist; they might just be licensed to sell you VeniceBox directly.
Regrettably, no. The airport still has to provide this service. But you can buy it once you get to Venice proper. Otherwise, just get in touch with us to set up an alternative. You may want to check back with our website as both the Venice and Treviso airports should soon be providing this service as well.
At the moment there are no special deals for kids in the basic packages. However, if you buy VeniceBox online, you can choose to include special deals for kids. Check availability in terms of transport and museums when buying online.
At the moment there are no special deals for kids in the basic packages. However, buying VeniceBox online lets you customize your package deal. In any case, kids under six years of age are exempt from paying public transport all over the municipal grid of Venice. Whereas kids under four years of age are exempt from paying public transport outside of the city limits and within the Chioggia city limits. Each passenger may also carry one stroller or pram aboard provided it is folded up, except as provided in art. 5, paragraph III, of the ACTV General Transport Conditions. Also, kids under five years of age get free admittance to museums.
Water-bus tickets run about 7.00 euro each, per route. With VeniceBox you save on this.
Technically, yes. However, VeniceBox is conceived for personal use, so no group discounts are available. It's worth mentioning that group access to many sites and attractions is restricted to certain times. It's always best to either call or email us ahead of time to find out.
The reduction is applicable for children 6 to 14, students aged 15 to 25 years, and over 65.
you must provide documentation confirming your conditions when you change the voucher.


You can reach during business hours – from 9 am to 12.30 pm and from 3 pm to 6.30 pm (GMT +1) from Monday to Friday, at the following contact details: Phone: +39 041 5958775 - Skype: venicebox – E-Mail: or snail mail us at via Matteotti, 6 31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV) ITALY
VeniceBox is for everyone!! The transport, museum, affiliate passes and coupons it contains are most useful for all international travelers: families, kids, couples, adults, tourists visiting Venice for the first time or ones returning. Whether you’re staying for only one day or several days. Whether you're backpacking it or looking to enjoy Venice's luxurious settings without having to worry about anything.

VeniceBox is just right for saving time and money while visiting Venice and enjoying the sights without a care in the world.
VeniceBox is a product of BBC Solution, a company which specializes in tourist services, especially in and around Venice, where it has been operating for over ten years in the hospitality sector. BBC Solution Is based in Mestre, which is the same municipality as Venice. We know the ins and outs of this place and therefore can meet the needs of anyone visiting the area.
Becoming a VeniceBox vendor is both easy and convenient. Contact us and we'll provide you with all the information you need, or view the vendor section of this website to learn about why it worth selling the VeniceBox product to your customers, and what requisites you may need and how to get the necessary materials.
We at VeniceBox work closely with many tourist operations so that our valued customers can make the most of all that our service has to offer and so that the hospitality operators also benefit from its inherent value.
To affiliate your business to the VeniceBox circuit just call and our friendly staff to get the necessary information and requirements. You will receive all the material you need from BBC Solution. See also the retailer section of this website.

Benefits and savings

VeniceBox lets you get out and about anywhere on the Venetian islands and mainland. Public means of transport are always included – no restrictions whatsoever. You get a multitude of discounts and benefits at all affiliated attractions and businesses. Many of the coupons included in the package give you immediate benefits and are worth up to €50.00. Venice is expensive, so any discounts on souvenirs, meals, shopping and so on are always welcome. For you this means immediate savings and extra buying power. If you also buy the museum package, you'll get in free to Venice's many museums and skip any queues – which is very useful in a city like Venice. So, with VeniceBox you save time and money, and, with the package you also get a handy map to help you move around the city.
Yes. This is one of VeniceBox's Museum Pass key features. Of course it only works at those venues which are included on the Museum Pass you've acquired. You can check the updated list of VeniceBox-affiliated attractions and see where you can skip any queues.
Yes. VeniceBox includes an up-to-date map of Venice. It tells you everything you need to know to get around the city while taking in every one of its quaint recesses, bridges or canal, without worrying about getting lost.
If you buy VeniceBox online you can get discounts and special promos and also tailor the package as much as possible to fit your needs. It will be delivered to the comfort of your home. This allows you to start taking advantage of it even before getting to Venice: just think of the car parking discount, or the affiliated mainland restaurants and stores in and around Mestre and Marghera if you're staying in either of these areas. And, this way you needn't worry about finding a collection point to pick up your VeniceBox package. You can start visiting and going wherever you like. The Pass can be bought up to 12 months ahead, provided the Pass is used within the 12-month period. The Pass is only activated when you actually use it the first time.
The more you move around, the more you save, as public means of transport are included and unlimited. The more you buy the more you save at numerous affiliated stores and businesses. The longer you stay the more you save. You can even check for yourself to see the high cost of tickets to attractions and public transport, when bought singularly. But VeniceBox makes it all much more convenient. Vaporetto (water-bus) tickets cost €7.00 each per way; and entrance tickets to the museums listed and included in the package cost around €11.00. With VeniceBox, after two museum visits and two vaporetto stops you are saving already. And not to mention the €50.00 coupon included in the package to set you ahead of the game right away.
The best package with the most savings is the three day package which includes museum visits and public transport. It also depends on how you organize your days, but even in the worst cases you can save over €100.00 as when you're sightseeing you also have to get around, see museums and other attractions, buy souvenirs, eat meals. And, that's why all of that is included, thus each package is full of benefits and savings.

Visit this section to read more.

Attractions and Content

The museum pass included in the basic packages is for the most important museums in the Saint Mark circuit, that is,
  • the Ducale Palace,
  • the Correr Museum,
  • the National Archeological Museum,
  • the monumental rooms at the National Marciana Library.
But if you buy VeniceBox online you may have added various other attractions, depending on your choice.
Tickets to see a single museum or attraction can cost up to € 15.00 per adult. Check the attractions section of this website to see how much you can actually save.
Most museums and attractions are open all year, except for certain days around Christmas and New Year's Eve. You can check this in detailed description of the attractions.
You can find these and lots more information on the detailed description of each attraction. You may want to email or call the single attractions ahead just to make sure, in case any variations apply which we have not yet been notified to us.
The museum card is available in two versions (corresponding to two different packages)
  • Museums of 'Piazza San Marco'
  • 'Full Museum Pass' for all civic museums
Museum card is also available in both full rate (adults) and reduced price tickets (children 6 to 14 years, students from 15 to 25 years, citizens over 65 years); Museum Card is valid for 6 months and can be used only once for each museum.

Museum - PackageVoucher exchangePiazza San Marco Museum CardFull Museum Pass
Palazzo Ducale
Museo Correr
Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Sale Monumentali della Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana)
Ca' Rezzonico, Museo del Settecento Veneziano
Casa di Carlo Goldoni
Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo e Centro Studi di Storia del Tessuto e del Costume
Ca' Pesaro, Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna + Museo d'Arte Orientale
Museo del Vetro - Murano
Museo del Merletto - Burano
Museo di Storia Naturale
Starting from June 1st 2016
(check further updates on

  • MON-SAT 09.00 - 18.00 (Last Entrance: 17.30)
  • SUN: 13:00 - 18:00 (Last Entrance: 17.30)

  • MON 10.30 - 16.00 (Last Entrance 15.45)
  • TUE-SAT 10.30 - 16.30 (Last Entrance 16.15)

  • MON-SAT 10.30 - 13.15 (Last Entrance 13.00)

  • MON 13.45 - 16.00 (Last Entrance 15.45)
  • TUE-SAT 13.45 - 16.30 (Last Entrance 16.15)


How it works

When using public transport just hold your pass near the reader unit when boarding water and city buses.

And at museums and attractions just show your pass to the entrance staff.

See the How it Works section of the website for more details.
Yes. All of the VeniceBox passes are valid for consecutive days following the first day of use. If your pass is valid for two days, for example, and you activate it on a Saturday, it will be valid through midnight on Sunday. Please note that if you start using the pass in the evening, the system registers the whole day.
The validity of VeniceBox packages is expressed in hours, which in any case correspond to calendar days. For example, a 72-hour package is valid for three days. If you activate it at 12:00 on a Monday, it will last through midnight on Wednesday.
Essentially nothing. Your VeniceBox is valid for 12 months from the purchase date and you validate it by writing the date you wish to begin using it upon collecting it in Venice. Whereas on public transport it is activated the moment you start using it, so you needn't worry if you have to change your travel plans to Venice. When you get to Venice, check the updated list of affiliated attractions and businesses at which you can use your discount coupons that come with VeniceBox.
Yes. Always check the opening hours first. During Christmas in Italy, many museums and attractions are closed on 25 and 26 December and 1 January. You can easily check this on the website in the detailed description of each attraction.
The only passes with validity restrictions are the museum and transport passes. The only way is to buy new ones. Whereas for the other passes you can continue using them within the 12-month validity period at no additional cost.
The passes inside the package are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. If you buy online, the passes will be delivered to you showing the purchase date as the beginning date of the validity period. If, however, you collect you pass in Venice you will be able to choose the starting date.
The discount card is included in all VeniceBox packages.
It can be used in any of the shops, restaurants, attractions that are part of the VeniceBox network just by showing it to the assistant before you complete your purchase. It grants you a discount on official price; the discount rate depends on specific shop, so please verify the updated list of connected shops/restaurants and corresponding discount rates, at the following link.
Inside every VeniceBox package you can find a set of purchase coupon, for a total value of 100€.
They can be used in a specific list of shops that are providing the coupon itself and printed on it.

It is not a substitution of cash payment, but a discount check: they can be used in addition to standard payment when the total amount is greater than a specific amount depending on the single shop. Generally they can be used on top of a purchase of minimum 50€ (ask to the shop assistant before buying).
The updated list with corresponding contacts is available at this link .