Skip any queues

Venice is full of things to see, museums, shows, palaces, squares, bridges, gondolas … and they are all unique in the world. And, each time there's something else to notice. That's why your time is precious when visiting Venice .

We are sure that you want to make the most of your time in Venice, however long it is, so you can enjoy all this city has to offer. But we also know that you're on vacation, which means stress and anxiety should be out of the picture.

So at VeniceBox we've created a package that gives you everything you may need to not waste even a single moment doing useless, energy-consuming tasks, like waiting in line for water-buses or museum admittances; or trying to find your way to get to where you want. How many times has this happened to you?
Venice's 22 million, yearly visitors all probably want to do the same things as you, and the queues can really become an issue.

With VeniceBox you can take it easy; we've thought of everything for you. You get to save precious time which you can dedicate to doing exactly what you like instead of wasting it queuing up.

With VeniceBox you save time because:

  • You needn't stand in line to buy tickets or be admitted to a museum. You already have the tickets to the attractions you purchased with your package, so you can just walk up to the entrance and be admitted right away, with priority status. Just show your pass.
  • You needn’t stand in line for water-bus or city bus tickets as all public transportation is included in the deal! Just get on for the ride.
  • Also, thanks to the handy map, you’ll be able to save time finding your way around so you can get to your chosen destinations quicker. Remember that Venice is criss-crossed by canals and bridges and knowing the way will save you time and energy..

See this page for a statistical comparison of time saved values. Also consider that the most important thing about VeniceBox is that by saving you lots of time, it does away with all of those eventless, worrying moments that come with visiting unfamiliar cities, so you can just enjoy yourself.